Business Team

Chairman: Muriel Freestone
Deputy Chairman:  Keith Parkinson
Director: Andi Lees
Treasurer: Fiona Lawrenson
Secretary/Event Coordinator: Lynn Clare
Front of House Co-ordinator: Keith Parkinson
Programme Editor:  Abbi Apps
Website/ Media Manager: Natalie Clare
Social Coordinator: TBC
Communications Manager: TBC
Guiding Representative: Gina Marshall
Press and Publicity: Andi Lees, Lynn Clare
Fundraising and Sponsorship: Andi lees, Lynn Clare

Production Team

Musical Director: Steven Townsend
Assistant Musical Director: Neil McNaughton
Gang Producers:  Gina Marshall ,Caroline Jones
Stage Manager: TBC
Make Up: Amounderness FY Rangers
Props: TBC
Wardrobe: Gina Marshal, Lynn Clare, Andi Lees
Video: Andy Lester, Nicholas Kapapa
Photos: Keith Parkinson, FY Rangers